DIY Arduino parking sensor

I recently created a workbench in the far end of my garage. This however resulted in about 10 cm of clearance in total in front and behind the car. So needless to say it would be great if I had my own personal parking assistant. So I set out with the goal of creating a simple parking assistant, which had to be cheap, small and accurate.I then browsed for the parts i needed and landed on the following pieces: Arduino nano v3 HC-SR04 (Ultrasonic distance sensor) Starter kit (breadbord, resistors, cables, LED’s, etc.) I read a couple of tutorials and started piecing the parts together. »

My blog

So I came over this static site generator built using go, and i just couldn’t resist to try it. And after a couple of hours of tweaking, customising and banging my head on the wall, I had successfully created a proper blog and even imported a blog entry I had written for bouvet, my current employer, which in my opinion is a great place to work. But anyways, don’t expect much from this blog/site. »

A simple Todo application, a comparison on Traditional vs CQRS + ES architecture

For as long as I can remember, the standard approach to web development has been a monolithic one. A database at the bottom, some business logic in the middle and maybe an API interface for communicating against a SPA client. For most applications these object oriented CRUD solutions work just fine. However there are a couple of shortcomings in this traditional architecture, which I hope to shine some light upon with this post. »